Slow but steady

It’s been a few months since we’ve updated our news. So here is what’s been happening in |DivisioN|.

First off, we’d like to welcome a few new members to our team. Stalker, Tick and Woogie are great additions to our ranks and we’re glad to have you all aboard. Welcome to the clan gentlemen.

We recently dropped out of the CoD4 TGL league due to unsatisfactory team activity within the league. We will keep an eye on TGL in the hopes that the league picks up more popularity from active teams down the road. We have recently kicked off another season with the TGL CoD4 HC season and we look forward to great gameplay. We are still active within the TWL CoD4 HC ladder league and are currently ranked 26th as we slowly reach for the top of the ladder.

A few of our members have taken interest in the newly released “Warhammer Online” MMORPG. We have made our home on the Averheim Core PvP server and we have sided with Destruction. Please feel free to post on our forums and talk about WAR, or hop on our vent and play a few scenarios with us.

We would like to wish our good buddy and devoted clan member “Goose” a safe and successful deplyment to Iraq. Thank you for your service to our country, keep your head down and come home safe bud!

As always, |DivisioN| has an open door policy. Swing by the forums or hop onto vent and hang out for a bit. That is all for now, signing off.

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