Clan History

|DivisioN| was founded in 2002 as a MOHAA clan by a couple of local friends. In early 2003, the clan started growing and playing competitively in organized gaming ladders like OGL and TWL. It didn’t take long for |DivisioN| to climb the ladders into the top 10. As this started happening, people in |DivisioN| started to realize that the clan was turning into more than just a clan – we were turning into a group of good friends. As MOHAA started to fizzle out, the clan transitioned into Call of Duty. Staying in TWL, the clan massed different teams for different forms of gameplay. Today, |DivisioN| still enjoys competing on various ladders and leagues, and strives to not only win matches, but win them with class and sportsmanship.

There have been several real life “get togethers” with members driving hours to meet each other. We have roughly 40 members – 25 which are active. We have members living in other countries as well as members in the military fighting in Iraq. |DivisioN| has been, and always will be, a collection of friends who like to frag.